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Our Story

Paleo-Native site in Michigan



First stop on the trail is the "Head shaped" boulder. Its sits on top of a mound of cobblestones. A Tree full of Honey sits nearby, and another with what appear to be rope burns. Someone clearly went out of their way to  place it there. 

Potential Burials

Potential burials dot the entire bank of the anomoly

Peaking out from on top of a potential burial is a thunderbird carved into a prominent rock. Just up the way is another mound, and then another, and all along the water is a landing that is paved with cobblestones. 

The ancient inhabitants would mark volcano's with large head shaped boulders. In this case we believe its a kimberlite pipe, a type of volcano that spits up diamonds. 

Snake altar

Up the trail you will come to another large boulder, in the shape of a snake wrapped around an egg. It appears to be and altar with what looks like a  three fingered hand on the side, and a single human shaped hand on the front. Faintly you can see where there used to be writing, and the liquids would run down the side in a zig zag. Idk about you but I will steer clear. 

This is likely a star man site. It will be difficult to prove since all of the "pagan relics" were ordered to be destroyed hundreds of years ago. Oh but what secrets this place may hold captures the mind, and off I go again to explore among the Mississauga, poison oak, nuts and berries. 


This site has been checked by EGLE to ensure its safety due to increased levels of radiation. It was found safe for people to explore. 

The Newest Discovery is this statue that looks tipped over. 

This Mound has a very old tree in its center. 

Minerals associated with the Geological Anomaly





Rare Earth (Lanthanide) 

Green stone belt, meteorite, and maybe diamonds after more exploration 

Painted Turtle Endeavors

A Paleo-Native Woodlands site in Lower Michigan 

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