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Painted Turtle Endeavors

About Us

Jessica Luke 


William Luke

Head of Transportation and Security.

Christine Berthume 

CPA/Vice President

Kevin Schantz

Head of IT


Chief Financial officer

wishes to remain anonymous at this time 

Jess Clark

Special Needs advocate 

Erin Lockyer 

Resident Agent

Charitable efforts

1.) Gun Lake Tribe has been promised 2% 

2.) MMIW $200,000

3.) Barry Co. Cherry Health Center (Dental focus)

4.) Daniel Bridenstine, Master Arborist ($200,000 for his efforts to improve environmental concerns worldwide and promote his book)

5.) Foster Care program with indigenous focus.

6.) Manna's Market  ($200k likely for helping the local community meet its needs.)

7.) Joni's Place (Mental health and wellness center named for my Aunt that passed) 

8.) Cat Castle (Non profit organization to help the local community with the cat crisis. We hope to have a vet on staff and offer spay and neutering for no cost.) 

9.) Center for reproductive rights  

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