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Painted Turtle Endeavors

What do you see?

This is near the bog (potential kimberlite pipe) with fangs and eyes. On the front is a hand print like depression, and below it is what looks like an inscription or something like that. On one side is a three fingered "hand" looking depression, next to the drain that was carved to zig zag down the side. On the top is a bowl shaped depression, with it set to drain down the back. But the other two sides are smooth, almost egg shaped. I don't know about you but I take it as a warning.

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I would like that. Not many people know but I am waiting for the local tribe and SHPO to come out (they said mid November). I haven’t posted much out of request for respect for the deceased. But I think the monuments should be shared <3 miigwetch for the appreciation!


Melissa Whipkey
Melissa Whipkey
Nov 28, 2023

I would love to go and place some tobacco down + sing a song<3 does anyone know


Unknown member
Nov 15, 2023

I'd definitely like to see some more pictures of this

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There is a video of this altar on the home page. But I will share as I am able.

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