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Painted Turtle Endeavors

After several members of my family became ill, and some died. I decided to look into the environment. I never could have imagined what I would find. 

The Site
Effigies or Monuments?

I'm not an archeolgist but these look manipulated to me. Sarah Surface-Evans of SHPO thinks they may be too. More information will be coming soon. There is a planned visit in May 2024.

A few short videos
Some of the potential artifacts

I was fasting one day and found this "Bird" carving. I just kept finding more and more. I thought about what to do and researched things for about a year, maybe two. 

The Mounds

Dozens of cobblestone mounds dot perimeter of the "bog". Some proffessionals even think they are tailings piles.  Oh how the mind wanders...

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